Summer maintenance

During the summer we take care of everything so that you always have your boat ready. We prepare it before you go sailing and we recondition everything when you return to port.

When the boat is used more intensively, we offer services tailored to the needs of each owner. These are some of the services we usually provide.

Before sailing

  • General overhaul
  • Start-up of engines.
  • Linen and towels replacement.
  • Mats and cockpit drying.
  • Water tank filling.
  • Fueling.

Returning to port

  • Reception at mooring point.
  • Mooring and fenders checking.
  • Exterior washing to remove salt.
  • Interior and exterior cleaning.
  • Cleaning of mats.
  • Garbage removal.
  • Removal of used towels and sheets.
  • Laundry and restocking service.
  • Visual bilge control and drying.

We give maximum importance to your time so that you can invest it in what you really like, we take care of the rest.

Summer Yachts at work